Palos™ – 3-4 Seat Hot Tub

Price: THB 299,000 (399,000)

3-4 Seat Hot Tub Thailand 3-4 Seat Hot Tub Thailand 3-4 Seat Hot Tub Thailand 3-4 Seat Hot Tub Thailand 3-4 Seat Hot Tub Thailand 3-4 Seat Hot Tub Thailand

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Experience the Luxury of the Pelos™ – Transform Your Home into a Personal Spa

Welcome to the world of Pelos™, our mid-range luxury hot tub that has transformed relaxation for numerous households in Thailand. This 3 to 4 seat wonder offers the ultimate relaxation experience, ensuring you enjoy a touch of elegance and serenity in your outdoor space.

Exceptional Build & Design

The Pelos™ is engineered with a high-quality build, promising longevity with a generous 5-year quality guarantee. With its luxurious exterior and premium finish, the Pelos™ does more than offer a refreshing soak; it elevates the aesthetic of your home, turning your space into a plush retreat.

Unparalleled Comfort & Relaxation

Imagine immersing yourself in the 40ºC warmth of the Pelos™ after a long day, feeling the stress melt away under the gentle caress of the massage function. This exceptional hot tub is equipped with 38 massage jets, powered by a heated water pump, that are strategically positioned to target pressure points, provide soothing relief, and enhance your overall wellness.

Effortless Installation

The Pelos™ is designed to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. It operates with any standard electric socket connection, ensuring a swift, effortless installation. No fuss, no complex procedures – just a simple setup and you’re on your way to a world of relaxation.

Wellness within Reach

Investing in the Pelos™ is more than a home upgrade; it’s an investment in your well-being. Picture yourself unwinding under the stars, the warmth of the water easing your muscles, the gentle massage function kneading away the tension of the day. Imagine this tranquil moment, right in your backyard – that’s the promise of the Pelos™.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Our 5-year guarantee stands as a testament to our confidence in the Pelos™. We ensure your tranquillity continues unabated, protecting your investment and guaranteeing uninterrupted bliss.

Embrace the magic of the Pelos™, and transform your home into a luxurious spa. Every moment spent in the Pelos™ is a step towards a more relaxed, revitalized you. Make this upgrade today and experience the blend of elegance, comfort, and serenity that is the Pelos™.

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