Helos™ – 10 Seat Hot Tub

Price: THB 799,000 (850,000)

Large Hot Tub, Thailand

Large Hot Tub, Thailand Large Hot Tub, Thailand Large Hot Tub, Thailand Large Hot Tub, Thailand


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Introducing the Helos™ – The Ultimate Group Luxury Hot Tub Experience

Welcome to the world of Helos™, our high-end, extra-large luxury hot tub designed for those who love to share their relaxation with friends and family. Accommodating up to 10 people, the Helos™ turns every gathering into a deluxe spa retreat.

Top-of-the-Line Quality and Style

Built to impress, the Helos™ boasts high-quality construction guaranteed for 10 years, ensuring durability and reliability. Its exterior, crafted with a luxurious matte-wood finish, exudes elegance and sophistication, transforming any space into a high-end spa resort.

Unmatched Comfort and Relaxation

The Helos™ offers an unprecedented spa experience. Imagine submerging into a warm 40ºC oasis, with a comprehensive massage function to soothe your senses. Powered by 3 heated water pumps, the Helos™ features an impressive 101 massage jets, designed to provide therapeutic comfort and create a truly immersive relaxation experience for you and your guests.

Effortless Installation

Despite its size, the Helos™ is designed for a seamless setup, working with any standard electric socket connection. This means no complex installations or procedures – just a smooth transition to luxury spa living in your own home.

Transform Your Lifestyle

Investing in the Helos™ means investing in a lifetime of joy, relaxation, and shared memories. Picture hosting social gatherings where guests can unwind and socialize in the soothing waters of your hot tub, or spending quality time with your family, immersed in warmth and luxury. The Helos™ promises a world of endless relaxation and blissful gatherings.

Quality Guaranteed

Your peace of mind is our priority. That’s why the Helos™ comes with a 10-year guarantee, a testament to our commitment to exceptional quality and your satisfaction.

The Helos™ isn’t just a hot tub; it’s a lifestyle transformation. Make your home the go-to destination for relaxation and socializing. Embrace the elegance, comfort, and community of the Helos™ experience today. Luxury and shared joy await you.

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